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‘Work Programme’ contractors – Preferred Bidders – April 2011

Some background history:

Work Programme’ contractors – Preferred Bidders – April 2011

Scotland Ingeus UK Limited Working Links
Wales Rehab JobFit * Working Links Wales
North East Avanta Enterprise Limited (TNG) Ingeus UK Limited
North East Yorkshire & Humber G4S Newcastle College Group**
West Yorkshire Business Employment Services Training (BEST) Ltd Ingeus UK Ltd
South Yorkshire A4E Ltd Serco Ltd
North West(Merseyside, Halton, Cumbria and Lancashire) A4E Ltd Ingeus UK Ltd
North West(Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Warrington) Avanta Enterprise Limited (TNG) G4S Seetec
East Midlands A4E Ltd Ingeus UK Ltd
West Midlands (Birmingham, Solihull and Black Country) FourstaR Employment & Skills Ltd Newcastle College Group** Pertemps
West Midlands (Coventry, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and the Marches) ESG Serco Ltd
East of England Ingeus UK Ltd Seetec
West London Ingeus UK Ltd Maximus Employment UK LTD Reed in Partnership
East London A4E Ltd Careers Development Group (CDG) * Seetec
South East (Thames Valley, Hampshire and IOW) A4E Ltd Maximus Employment UK LTD
South East (Surrey, Sussex and Kent) Avanta Enterprise Limited (TNG) G4S (Private Sector)
South West (Gloucester, Wiltshire and West of England) JHP Group Limited Rehab JobFit *
South West (Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset) Prospects Services Ltd Working Links

* Voluntary sector organisation
** Public sector organisation

The Subcontractors include such as;

Tomorrow’s People
Agoriad Cyf
Papworth Trust
5 E Ltd
Disability Works
Salvation Army
Sunderland North Community Business Centre
Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change (CN4C)
Pathways Community Interest Company
Tomorrows People
Steps to Work (Walsall) Limited
WISE Ability Limited (Wise Ability)
Scout Enterprises
Shaw Trust
Westward Pathfinder Trust
Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI)*
Action for The Blind
Princes Trust
Newham Council
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Skills for Work
East Riding County Council
Stoke-on-Trent City Council
Bournemouth and Poole College
Inspire to Independence (i2i)
Triage Central Limited
Kennedy Scott
Prospects Services Ltd

Related – A look at one of these bidders will give you some idea of the worth of the contracts and their attitude. In particular G4S who also has eyes on the “Privatisation of Jobcentre Plus”, where they will decide if you get payed your dole or not.

Source Unemployment Movement

G4S and Serco among welfare-to-work winners (1/4/11)

Security services firm G4S and outsourcing group Serco were on Friday named preferred bidders for contracts under the government’s welfare-to-work programme.

G4S won three contracts worth nearly 250 million pounds, while Serco got two, as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) handed out deals worth 3 to 5 billion pounds to private and voluntary sector organisations.

The news comes a day after G4S, which provides services ranging from cash transportation and facilities management to security and protection was named manager of two UK prisons, a decision that sparked anger among unions.

Friday’s decision sparked similar protests.

The Public and Commercial Services union said Friday’s contracts would add “hundreds more” to unemployment figures.

“At least one provider has already issued redundancy notices … The union fears similar redundancies from other providers as they prepare for running the work programme from June 2011.”

Source; Reuters


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WCA – which organisations were involved? from October 2009 report

Oct 2009 report dictating WCA thinking – it specifically claims that the WCA is accurate and reliable and that the changes to descriptors are wholly justified by improved workplace design

Annex B: Participants

Individual Attendees:

Brigid Campbell, Social Security Advisory Committee

Dr Angela Graham, Atos Origin Medical Services

Dr David Henderson Slater, Consultant in Neurological Disability/Rehabilitation Medicine, Oxford Centre for Enablement

Dr Ed McDermott, Atos Origin Medical Services

Dr Gordon Parker, Consultant Occupational Physician

Professor Tom Sensky, Professor of Psychological Medicine at Imperial College, London

Represented organisations:

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Citizens Advice Bureau

Disability Benefits Consortium

Disability Employment Advisory Council



National Autistic Society

Parkinson’s Disease Society

Royal College of Psychiatrists



RSI Action

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Disability Income/Expenditure

First posted 2/12/2011 and with many thanks to Multoo

In my last blog I listed the incomes of several major disability charities. This is interesting as it begins to unpack the size of the annual Disability Market.

However it also limited in that it provides only a snapshot – a point in time. From a list of one year’s incomes figures it is impossible to tell whether these figures are unusual, or in line with income for the same organisations from other years.

It can also be interesting to compare the income for an organisation with the expenditure for the same organisation. If one does this for a particular year this provides a snapshot figure – a point in time.

However one can also investigate income/expenditure for one organisation, or for several organisations, over a period of years.

All the figures I will now present, except for the final column in each table, have been gathered from the Charity Commission website –

This is a useful resource. By entering the name, or number, or any particular key words you wish to search for, of any UK charity – large or small, local, regional or national – it is possible to peer through the annual returns for that organisation, including financial details, staff details, governing documents, etc.

The provision of this information to the Charity Commission is a legal duty for all UK registered charities. So there is nothing to hide.

Here are some income, expenditure and differential calculations for a random selection of UK Disability Charities. I have checked my sums, but please feel free to check them again. If you discover any discrepancies between what you find and my figures then do let me know – I admit to being fallible, human, and a bit quick to publish.

Any mistakes are honest mistakes, maybe due to my ham-fistedness with a calculator –



Income (A)

Expenditure (B)

Difference (A-B)





98.32 m

100.45 m

98.40 m

101.61 m

94.51 m

98.62 m

98.30 m

94.93 m

3.81 m

1.83 m

0.1 m

6.68 m


398.78 M

386.36 M

12.42 M



Income (A)

Expenditure (B)

Difference (A-B)





177.86 m

183.46 m

189.12 m

194.20 m

172.13 m

176.90 m

186.05 m

188.63 m

5.73 m

6.56 m

3.07 m

5.57 m


744.64 M

723.71 M

20.93 M



Income (A)

Expenditure (B)

Difference (A-B)





107.82 M

98.65 M

96.04 M

135.15 M

91.80 M

100.02 M

105.11 M

130.15 M

16.02 M

-1.37 M

– 9.07 M

5 M


437.66 M

427.08 M

10.58 M



Income (A)

Expenditure (B)

Difference (A-B)





49.21 m

49.84 m

46.84 m

47.26 m

49.28 m

45.87 m

47.88 m

44.63 m

– 0.07 m

3.97 m

– 1.04 m

2.63 m


193.15 M

187.66 M

5.49 M

If you total up the amount of surplus for each of these 4 organisations the figure is –


And this is during a recession.

Here are some questions to ponder –

Where is this money? And what is it doing there?

What would the total figure be if we did this same exercise for every UK disability charity?

How many Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) would this surplus fund?

If this money is not doing anything in particular – if it is just lying around somewhere, gathering dust – would these major disability organisations mind donating it to local DPOs? Imagine what a difference this money could make.

Millions of pounds….

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