Big Disability Charities exclude user-led organisations again: Boris’ arrogance should mean no vote from London’s disabled people

Boris claimed he was too busy to turn up at a London mayoral ‘hustlings’ organised by user-led organisations Inclusion London and Transport for all (TfA) to listen to disabled people.

However, Boris can find the time to go to another ‘hustlings’ event organised by the big disability charities including RNIB, Leonard Cheshire Disability and MENCAP. The charities have not invited user-led disabled peoples’ organisations to attend. The big charities continue to speak FOR disabled people with no mandate to do so and continue to exclude disabled people from talks with local and national governments as always.

DPAC asks: How much longer will user-led organisations and disabled people continue to be silenced by the multi-million pound charities?  How much longer will people support the big disability charities without realising that they are acting in their own interests? Already Disability Works UK (a consortium of charities  claiming a turn over value of £654.4 million) run workfare for disabled people, risking sanctions and loss of benefit for the very people the charities claim to ‘help’.  They claim they dont do sanctions but this is because they pass on the names of people to DWP so that they can do them.

Boris may be too busy to notice or simply not care- disabled people of London should care and make sure that his arrogance towards disabled peoples’ issues and the real problems we face translates into a ‘no vote’ for Boris in May.

Click on link to read the story of the snub by John Pring:




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One response to “Big Disability Charities exclude user-led organisations again: Boris’ arrogance should mean no vote from London’s disabled people

  1. Ernie Johnstone

    As it appears to me Charities start small with all the best intentions in the word being a champion for whatever group they are supposed to represent. But over time you will get Lord & Lady Muck looking at them and thinking oh I should get involved with this or that charity and get my name on the letter head an d show every one what a caring person I am.We get all these high profile people on board then they start to manipulate the charities which they are supposed to support to meet their own agenda.they think of grand schemes like big fund raisers (where does the money for these come from it’s a tax right off for them)
    The small charities which are the ones doing the real job of representing their clients are being squeezed out.I know that there is a lot of suffering in the world ,but where is the charity begins at home ethos gone.You will find that the people who give most to charities are the very people the charities are supporting and the very people who are having to face a loss of income under this government.
    As far as Boris picking and choosing who is is seen with who makes the better photo opportunity?

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