Joint Statement and Petition by DPAC and Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights on the Labour Party Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax

Unbelievably, the UK Labour Party, currently in opposition, has launched a campaign against the government Bedroom Tax welfare, but bizarrely, this contains an equally  draconian welfare reform.
In the campaign script (page 4) of the document, ‘Labour Party Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax’, issued by the Shadow Work and Pensions Minister, Liam Byrne, we are told:

*“The best way to bring down the benefits bill is to get people into jobs. That’s why Labour is calling for a tough but fair compulsory jobs guarantee. We would offer anyone who has been out of work for more than two years a real job – one that they would be required to take, no ifs and no buts…”

“Britain needs real welfare reform that is tough, fair and that works….”


Urge all disabled and non-disabled activists campaigning against Tory welfare reform and in particular, the Bedroom Tax, to call on Labour members, constituency parties, plus affiliated and non-affiliated unions and political groups, to:

Challenge the parliamentary Labour Party in the strongest terms, on why it considers compulsory labour necessary to combat the Bedroom Tax.

To start with, they should be told:

1. To use the current protests against the bedroom tax by disabled activists and others as a Trojan horse from which to promote a policy of benefits that is conditional on compulsory work is utterly beyond the pale.

This means that those unemployed and disabled men and women, who campaign against the Bedroom Tax within the Labour Party will, in effect, be campaigning for their own forced labour under a future Labour government.

2. We have to be absolutely clear: There is no such thing as a civilized society that treats people in inhumane and degrading ways.

A welfare ‘safety net’ conditional on exchanging labour for an uncertain standard of material life is a contradiction in terms.

3. No real job is compulsory – does the Labour Party understand the economic meaning of free labour? If not, how can it run any kind of economy, let alone a socially just economy?

A Labour Party welfare policy should support those whose lack of social power has reduced their circumstances, not compete with a Tory-led government to smear them as feckless and undeserving of a living wage.

4. Liam Byrne should immediately strike out all references to work conditionality or compulsory work, attached to the Labour Party Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax.


To add your name to this statement, please use the comment boxes (‘Leave a reply’) below.



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79 responses to “Joint Statement and Petition by DPAC and Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights on the Labour Party Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax

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  2. This shows that labour intends to continue Tory policy, to punish the poor, sick and disabled for being poor, sick or disabled. Any forced labour or sanctions applied to the poor, sick and disabled is intollerable.

    Tim Batchelor

  3. Please add us to this protest. We agree with the above statement in the strongest possible terms!

  4. Workhouse

    Every time we vote to kick out one party and bring in another, the only thing that changes is the colour of ties on the front bench. The agenda’s remain the same.

    • Please let us know if you ‘re adding your name?

      • Workhouse

        I most definitely add my name to this statement. The insidious workings of our illusory democracy, must be challenged, exposed and resisted at all cost.

      • Workhouse

        Sorry I misunderstood my full name is Stephen Thomon and I wish to be added to petition. Thx

  5. Barbara Hulme

    Unfortunately not surprised – sanctions are an atrocious piece of legislation for a start off – totally inhumane to leave someone on an amount that cannot be survived on. If there was enough jobs available that would get rid of the problem of unemployment – they should be making a pledge to create more jobs and for a living wage not making threats and implications by such a policy as forced labour!! Also agree with the comment above

  6. TMS

    as always kick those “down” hard and swift with no compassion at all

  7. I’m annoyed at his comments,yes those who needs jobs and can should work if possible,but to force them and sanctions is deplorable

  8. I don’t call “labour” #toriesinredcoats or nothing, if anyone thinks for a moment they aren’t I suggest they do a replay from 1997,

  9. Anthony Turtle

    Add my name, I cannot believe that these idiots are all the same. Hitting people when they are down is the mark of a coward. We may be down, but not out.

  10. Put my name down! Loz Hardy 😀 and my husband Terry Hardy.

  11. I agree totally with the above statement and wish for my name to be added to the petition

  12. I agree totally with the above statement and wish for my name to be added to the petition

  13. Please add my name. The Labour leadership are a disgrace!

  14. Hi. Please add my name to the statement. To my alarm, the TUC is also putting forward the same ugly proposal in their budget statement. Heddwch. Mike Llywelyn Cox.

    • Linda Burnip

      yes we’re looking into that as well Mike. They are indeed both disgraceful in their behaviour.

  15. gary

    time the Torys were booted out,please add my name

  16. Hi. Please add my name too. This is not a Labour Policy, it is a New Labour aka Tory policy. John Smith must be turning in his grave. If this does become New Labour policy officially then I for one will never vote for them again. I would count each vote I have cast for them since 1971 to be totally wasted. I am utterly appalled.

  17. How do we sign this?

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  19. chris gibson

    I’m against the Labour Party policy on this. Makes it difficult to fight the Condems if the alternative is in practice no better. Ties in with the TUC position.Whatever happened to the wonderful new Gen Sec of the TUC? Is the princess held prisoner in the tower?

  20. Please Add my Name… Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere! How about sanctions on MPs caught fiddling their expenses – in 2008/9 Many MP’s (when caught) offered to pay the monies back, and some actually did! However, it is a little known fact that those who did pay the fraud off… were reimbursed and therefore kept their ill-gotten gains. WoW that was tough! That made them sit up and take notice… NOT one MP, to our knowledge, had the decency to refuse this money!

  21. My name is Janet Blax I have been disabled now for about 6 years. I made a claim for DLA over 3 years ago which has been to tribunal twice the upper tribunal once and awaiting tribunal again. I had a date set for begining of January which was posponed because my papers did not arrive at court (Im now thinking… CONVENIENT!) After waiting all this time I can see my original claim now being thrown out & having to start to fight all over again. Im sorry but I havent got any fight left in me anymore & now the goverment is turning us all over I know I have lost the battle before it has begun. My quality of life is so poor that if this dosent kill me, I will be dead by the end of the year anyway which from where im standing dosent seem like a bad option.

  22. Joe Kaliszczak

    I am a Labour supporter, and desperately want this Coalition out, but this Labour Party, the one that introduced us to ATOS’s WCAs, is quite Right Wing in many of its ideas and policies – there has been no commitment from Labour to repeal any of the 2012 Welfare Reform Act. Could Liam Byrne, Ed Milliband and co. please return to being a Left Wing Party, who fight for, and represent, those the Labour Party was formed to assist!? Please add my name to your petition – Joe Kaliszczak

  23. Simon Roberts

    Simon Roberts

  24. Christine Brough

    Not a thought to young adults with capacity issues living with parents. Nothing new here then. Add my name Chris Brough

  25. Please add my name too, I just cannot understand what Labour are up too, it appears more and more each day all the parties. Not help or understanding for the sick and disabled or the young and vulnerable!

  26. peter

    The Labour Party working against a united left? I fear they are nothing more than ‘Tory Lite’

  27. Jane Crow

    Labour need to sort out where they are placed in the war the Tories are waging on the Disabled and poor. If they don’t stand up for our rights across the board, they won’t be getting my vote.

  28. Add my name; Anne Novis MBE

  29. David Volp

    Yes totally correct all us disabled and infirm layabouts make choices not to work ! Chuck us all back to the workhouses where we belong. Hidden away from the view of the great and good. Sort of expected this sort of tat from the tories but now seems Labour, the party that should be the defenders of the common man is realy just an extension of this disaster of a coalition. Add my name

  30. Chris Kilby

    Please add my name to this.
    I agree with your sentiments 100%.
    This sort of poo from Liam Byrne is exactly why I no longer support labour.

  31. ukpatriot67
    Please add my name to the list:
    I fully support this statement, the Labour Party should be ashamed of what it is proposing, the party and its MP’s have no morals and to single out the poor, sick, disabled, elderly and the genuine unemployed is despicable.

  32. Please add my name and our Charity
    Gordon McFadden
    Policy Director

  33. Please add my name – it looks like we have to remind Labour what socialism is all about, and what basic human rights are too.

  34. Add my name. I am disgusted with nearly all politicians and heartily wish that party membership was an automatic disqualifier from being an MP. ‘Labour’ are an utter disgrace and have been almost entirely taken over by Tories, and spineless anti-democratic whip fodder.

    • Today – I watched the abandonment of Socialist remnants by Labours front bencher’s… whilst Ian Lavery Wansbeck (lab) was an outstanding example of the gulf between the Labour ‘professionals’ and the genuine article. His speech is precisely what the front bench should have said, instead of sitting on their hands… Ian Lavery MP was outstanding and he stood for the People, not his career – are you listening Byrne, Miliband? You will never out Tory the Tories…but I guess you are trying!

    • Can you leave your full name please?

  35. Please add my details : Rosey Carey

    How can the labour party say it is the party of the people when it is just as bad as the arrogant tories? How could they help the tories and lib dems with the workfare vote today? Absolutely disgusting !! It will lose a lot of votes for them when people come to voting time. The party needs to get back to its original agenda and fill the benches with Skinners not tory lapdogs.

  36. The disgrace of Labour voting for retrospective clawback legislation after the court’s decision against DWP that people were placed on workfare illegally, the disgrace of Labour suggesting that an under occupancy policy would still apply to those in social housing who ‘refused’ to downsize (what happened to the social housing ethos of a ‘home for life’ where you would raise your family and support your grandchildren in a home adapted to your needs to continue to lead an independent life until you naturally ‘downsized’ to sheltered housing?) these questions need to be addressed by the shadow cabinet – tell Labour what you think!

  37. Dreamer

    Please add my name to the petition. The statement from labour is just another attempt to perpetuate the myth that job vacancies outnumber the unemployed, who are all happy to sit back in poverty whilst employers are short of workers, leaving labour with no choice but to force all these lazy people (including sick/disabled and carers) to fill up all the job vacancies. What nonsense.

  38. Eleanor Firman
    Businesses are sitting on massive surpluses. A future Labour government which funded a forced labour scheme on subsistence wages would further entrench the long-standing business investment strike; i.e., businesses refusing to invest their profits in the production of goods and services that we all need. Why would businesses invest in expansion of the productive economy including jobs when government will do it for them?

  39. pat

    I am distgusted with the labour party, they are betraying their core voters, they will lose my vote, if they do not start fighting to protect the sick, disabled,. the unemployed, the low pay earners. It is hard to distinguish, between the torys and labour now.
    Please add my name Pat Cross

  40. Maureen McAllister-Matthews

    The People have the power to stop them taking away our rights and our dignity, our self worth – oh and not forgetting our health through STRESS, as we are forced to live in poverty and uncertainty, well it’s time for people to wake up and realise that we can together stop this and change what these so called leaders are doing to us. Please add my name:- Maureen McAllister

  41. Please add my name to this petition. I am not at all surprised by this tory stance from the ‘New’ Labour Party! I would also ‘Like’ this article but the ‘Like’ function isn’t working. I’ve tried before on other articles from your group with same result. Maybe check your system to correct it.

  42. Laura Corballis

    Please add my name to this.

  43. Yvonne Harvell

    Please add my name

    Yvonne Harvell

    When will those in government realize they are supposed to work for the people. They are supposed to be our voice. They are supposed to do the will of the people not their own personal beliefs. Us sick, disabled and unemployed should be represented the same way that bankers are.

  44. I wont waste my time calling on Tores in Red Coats, for what possible reason, has everyone forgot their 13 years of abusing the vulnerable? Vote Labour get a Tory, take away the expenses cheats [ now considered “hounourable” gawd preserve us] of the Noers on the workfare bill and how many have you left? when will the reality clock start ticking?

  45. Alistair [@skookie30]

    Add my name too, they all hypocrite all helping the rich & punish easy targets the poor, the ill/disable & children. labour’s stealth help us get rid of bedroom tax while at our choosing all must, shall “work”

  46. The WOWpetition stands firmly alongside all people targeted by the ConDems War on Welfare and falls for a free vote on the repeal of the Welfare Reform Act, 2012.

  47. Jon Lockwood

    Add my name.

  48. Eleanor Lisney

    add my name Eleanor Lisney

  49. David Estabrook

    Please add my name to the petition: David Estabrook

  50. Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

    ad my name: Peter Mandelson

  51. Louise Tarbuck

    Please add my name to the list of those completely disgusted and disenfranchised by the Labour party.
    Please can we call for Liam Byrne to be censured for his unashamedly Tory policies at the next Labour conference?.

  52. Joe Kaliszczak

    Joe Kaliszczak – pl add my name – Liam Byrne is a liability for Labour, but to be honest the Labour Party has increaslngly been Centre Right, since the Blair days. I feel utterly let down by the Labour Party.

  53. Jennifer Brown

    Jenny Brown – pl add my name. We need a new party for the working class…’s Labour Party are too much like the tories

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