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WCA – which organisations were involved? from October 2009 report

Oct 2009 report dictating WCA thinking – it specifically claims that the WCA is accurate and reliable and that the changes to descriptors are wholly justified by improved workplace design


Annex B: Participants

Individual Attendees:

Brigid Campbell, Social Security Advisory Committee

Dr Angela Graham, Atos Origin Medical Services

Dr David Henderson Slater, Consultant in Neurological Disability/Rehabilitation Medicine, Oxford Centre for Enablement

Dr Ed McDermott, Atos Origin Medical Services

Dr Gordon Parker, Consultant Occupational Physician

Professor Tom Sensky, Professor of Psychological Medicine at Imperial College, London

Represented organisations:

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Citizens Advice Bureau

Disability Benefits Consortium

Disability Employment Advisory Council



National Autistic Society

Parkinson’s Disease Society

Royal College of Psychiatrists



RSI Action


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