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letter sent to local newspaper shows more horror of Olympics

The Olympic Games is looming in the UK but not everyone is looking forward to this event, many people have concerns about the games and its costs, not just financially but in the presence of a major threat and security lockdown which to date includes over 13,000 troops, a presence not seen since WW2. The games also will bring with it between 25,000 and 40,000 security personnel according to some reports who will be given powers to use invasive laws such as the London Olympic Games Act 2006.

These legitimise the use of force, potentially by private security companies, under a new law written to fit the occasion .Originally slated to cost about £2.4bn, Olympic costs jumped to £9.3 billion by 2007,a Sky Sports investigation included public transport upgrade costs, catapulting the five-ring price tag to £24 billion.

In August 2011 they sold the Athletes village at a taxpayer loss of £275m to the Qatari ruling family’s property firm meanwhile, security officials are exploiting the Olympics as a opportunity to multiply and militarise their weapons stocks .The Olympics will militarise London, with surface-to-air missiles, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is considering plans to install surface-to-air missiles in Blackheath and Shooters Hill during the Olympic Games .
Eltham and Plumstead MP Clive Efford said he was concerned at the “lack of consultation”. Mr Efford said he had now written to Defence Secretary Philip Hammond to complain about not being consulted. Lewisham East MP Heidi Alexander, whose constituency covers Blackheath, said she was unhappy with the way the MoD had been handling communications on the issue. A Royal Navy battleship moored offshore, lightweight aerial drones will hover above and RAF Typhoon Eurofighters will fly from RAF Northolt.

A thousand armed US diplomatic and FBI agents and 55 dog teams will patrol an Olympic zone partitioned off from the wider city by an 11-mile, £80m, 5,000-volt electric fence. London is also being wired up with a new range of scanners, biometric ID cards, number-plate and facial-recognition CCTV systems, disease tracking systems, new police control centres and checkpoints.
The British Army plans to station surface-to-air missiles on top of residential flats during the Olympics.

Residents in the private, gated flats in Bow, east London, have received a leaflet warning them that a team of 10 soldiers and police will be stationed at the building – home to 700 people – for the duration of the Games. Pensioners in Bexley are refusing to hand over money which constitutes the Olympics levy and some say they’re even prepared to go to jail in protest.
The fact that the OIC have given strict orders that state: ‘Images, video and sound recordings of
the Games taken by a Ticket Holder cannot be used for any purpose other than for private use,are showing the Olympic games to be one of the most intimidating and restrictive events held.
According to the Intelligence services UK faces potent new threats from terrorism with 2012 London Olympic Games likely to be a major target of Al quaida bombers, the country’s top intelligence official has warned .

One would have to ask the question, given that the security is set for an attack, why have the Olympic stadium and the Athletes village been built upon a hundred tonnes of radioactive waste dumped at the former landfill site decades ago. Documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) rules reveal that, contrary to government guidelines, waste from thorium and radium has been mixed with very low-level waste and buried in a so-called disposal cell close to the Olympic stadium – about 250m to the north.

Andrew Boff, a member of the London Assembly and Conservative spokesman on the Olympics. “I thought the cost would provide a remediation level sufficient for future development. But what we are left with is remediation which is just enough for us to hold the Games.
Documents reveal that more than 7,000 tonnes of waste has been found on site to date, much of it unexpected. Some 7,300 tonnes has been placed in a radioactive storage bunker built into the approach to a bridge in the Olympic Park – within 250m of Stratford International station and around 400 metres from the Olympic Stadium. Olympic Delivery Authority contractors claim that the waste in the storage cell will be safe for at least 1,000 years

The waste, a legacy of the site’s industrial history, is something Olympic bosses have been trying to play down, stressing that it is “Low Level” and “naturally occurring” radioactive material.
However, Doctor Chris Busby, an expert on radiation and health, comments that radioactive material can be classified as Low Level or Naturally Occurring but still be extremely hazardous.
Dr Busby also notes that data on radioactive material in the Olympic Park shows a radiation signature which…“suggests that the contamination is from significant levels of uranium. Another request for data on radiation monitoring was refused by the Olympic Delivery Authority who say the cost of collating the data is too high, they claim …
the public interest in maintaining the exemption [to withhold the information] outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.”

Although the ODA claims that the waste has been covered and capped, one has to wonder about the consequences should this bomb attack take place and why it has not been taken into consideration along with the rest of the costly operation. One also has to wonder why several other sites that were available and saved money were largely ignored and left MP,s scratching their heads whilst still waiting for a reply. Moreover the whole corporate sponsorship looks like a claim to the biggest environmental and human disasters as part of the criteria.
Many would agree with Times columnist Libby Purves, that there is something humiliating about the way Britain has surrendered to the IOC. “There’s an awful sense of being a conquered nation. The IOC really call all the shots.” And the news that ‎”It’s a colossal waste of dough,” says Sam Leith, a columnist for the London Evening Standard. Whilst About 40 firms based near the Olympic Park plan to sue the organiser of the Games over fears of a “devastating” impact on their businesses.

The latest news that Olympic minister Hugh Robertson has urged millions of Londoners to shop their neighbours if they plan to try and interrupt the games is another show of heavy handed tactics involved and a government willing to use these games to show how far they will go to stop any public shows of opinions, apparently we are no longer entitled to such things regardless of how much they are going to take from you financially!!! Are they tempting fate when investors like Frank Lowy who bought the retail space under the twin towers, 6 months prior to its demise have also built the new shopping centre that has the only access to the Olympic stadium.

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